Minimally invasive, leadless endovascular neuromodulation system introduced by Enopace Biomedical


The Harmony catheter-based neurostimulator device has been successfully implanted into its first human patient, according to Enopace Biomedical. The system is designed to treat congestive heart failure through the increase in cardiac efficiency associated with reducing left ventricular workload.

Davor Milicic, head of Cardiology at Zagreb Medical University, and his team, performed the procedure on a New York Heart Association (NYHA) class III heart failure patient. Further patient enrolment is taking place at several other European hospitals with the aim of acquiring CE mark approval.

“We welcomed this opportunity to work with the Enopace team in order to provide this innovative minimally invasive treatment for chronic heart failure patients,” Milicic comments.

Amir Dagan, Enopace’s CEO, says, “Harmony is the first neuromodulation device operating inside a blood vessel and modulating the autonomic balance of heart failure patients. The device uses a leadless, active miniature stimulator and is implanted in a 30-minute percutaneous procedure.”