Medtronic releases Resolute Onyx drug-eluting stent in Japan


Medtronic will release the Resolute Onyx coronary stent system in Japan. According to a press release, the device offers superior deliverability to that of its predecessor, Resolute Integrity.

“With the new Core Wire Technology, the Resolute Onyx aims for improved deliverability in complex lesions, enhanced conformability to the vessel wall and greater radiopacity for more accurate stent placement,” says one of the investigators of the RESOLUTE Japan Study Shigeru Saito, assistant director of Shonan Kamakura General Hospital/cardiology and catheterisation laboratories (Kamakura, Japan). “The Resolute Onyx will be one of the new standards of durable polymer drug-eluting stent (DES) in Japan.”

The Resolute Onyx’s Core Wire technology—a metallically dense, radiopaque inner core—is incorporated within cobalt alloy wire to enhance visibility for accurate stent placement. The Core Wire technology is also designed to enables thinner struts while maintaining structural strength to radially support the blood vessel.

A cross-section of Medtronic’s Resolute Onyx Core Wire technology

The Continuous Sinusoid technology originally used in the Resolute Integrity is a manufacturing method designed to form a single strand of cobalt alloy wire into a sinusoidal wave to construct a stent. This is intended to enable a continuous range of motion, flexible and superior conformability to the vessel wall, and good stent apposition. The Core Wire technology is another new technology developed following the Continuous Sinusoid technology.


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