Late-breaking Demonstr8 trial results to be presented at EuroPCR


CID SpA have sponsored a symposium at EuroPCR called “Cre8: Welcome back confidence in short dual antiplatelet therapy with effective DES”. The clinical impact of the Demonstr8 data related to Cre8 polymer-free drug-eluting stent is expected to be discussed by the panelists. Chairpersons of the symposium are R Mehran, director of Interventional Cardiovascular Research and Clinical Trials at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York (USA), and O Pachinger, chair of the Department of Cardiology at Medical University of Innsbruck (Austria).

Pachinger, who is expected to briefly detail Cre8 features and trials results, the first lecture from M Valgimigli will focus on current clinical data and evidences related to dual antiplatelet therapy duration in the everyday clinical practice with currently available stents.

According to a press release, in the second lecture P Stella will detail the latest Demonstr8 randomised trial results, which are also intended for presentation during the late breaking trials on Wednesday 22nd. An OCT case study will be presented after by R Romaguera before a panelists’ discussion, which will try to outline how the features of the Cre8 might impact everyday clinical practice. The polymer-free Cre8 drug-eluting stent, according to the company, releases a proprietary amphilimus formulation (sirolimus+organic acid) from abluminal reservoirs resulting in excellent efficacy as confirmed by the NEXT trial randomised study.

M Vrolix, according to the release, will provide a comprehensive overview of the rationale of CID clinical plan, current status and its future developments. Mehran will then draw conclusions from the symposium, taking some insights from the discussion and the audience interaction.

The CID symposium will take place on Thursday 23rd of May from 16:45 to 18:15– Room 251–Palais des Congrès, Paris, France.