HealthTap launches first USA-wide mobile health marketplace


Every doctor in the USA can now provide patient care virtually anytime and from anywhere. The new HealthTap Concierge enables doctors to connect privately with their own patients via HD video or secure text, and conduct paid consults at their convenience.

Open to doctors in all specialties, HealthTap Concierge provides doctors with their own virtual practices at no cost, allowing them to easily establish paid virtual office hours and serve more patients better. Doctors in more than 100 specialties can now practice medicine from an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or their personal computer on their own terms, and get paid immediately for taking care of patients.

Doctors can:

–              Choose where they want to work from: their office, their home, even remotely while on vacation

–              Choose when it is most convenient for them to work

–              Save money with no office expenses, overheads, or insurance paperwork

–              Provide better care, and help their patients become happier and healthier

–              Enhance patient loyalty

–              Boost their income while doing good.

“We have listened to more than 64,000 doctors in our medical health network, and learned what is most important to them,” says Geoff Rutledge, HealthTap’s chief medical officer. “The all-new HealthTap Concierge makes virtual care an exciting reality.  It enables every doctor in the USA to provide better care to their own patients, ones whom they have been serving before, and new ones, who found them on HealthTap.”

Ankush Bansal, a board-certified internal medicine physician says, “With my virtual practice on HealthTap Concierge, I can significantly improve my patients’ experiences and health outcomes, and stay connected to them while they recover with no additional cost or effort, while practicing from anywhere.”