First patient is treated with CrossBoss and Stingray devices in the USA


BridgePoint Medical (Minneapolis, USA) has completed the first human clinical case in the United States using its CrossBoss CTO Catheter and Stingray CTO Re-Entry System.

CrossBoss and Stingray are under clinical investigation to demonstrate safety and effectiveness in the treatment of chronic total occlusions (CTO). The clinical trial “Facilitated Antegrade Steering Technique for Chronic Total Occlusions” (FAST-CTOs) was conditionally approved in January 2009 by the FDA.

The first clinical case was completed by Dr William Lombardi, North Cascade Cardiology in Bellingham, Washington. The patient was a 61-year-old woman with a chronic total occlusion of her right coronary artery, chest pain (characterised as level three angina) and a positive stress test. The patient was referred to Lombardi for inclusion in BridgePoint Medical’s FAST-CTOs clinical trial after a failed treatment attempt to cross the lesion by a referring physician.

Procedural completion took 35 minutes, resulting in the opening of the completely blocked vessel and return of normal blood flow to the patient’s heart. “The BridgePoint Medical System allowed me to open this challenging total occlusion”, stated Lombardi. “BridgePoint Medical’s clinical trial is designed to demonstrate the CrossBoss CTO Catheter and the Stingray Re-Entry System are broadly effective in re-establishing blood flow across completely blocked arteries and these devices will hopefully provide improved options for patient care.” The patient was released from the hospital the day after the procedure.