First implant of MonarQ tricuspid valve replacement system performed in Copenhagen

Arshad Quadri shares first-in-man experience with the MonarQ system at PCR London Valves

inQB8 Medical Technologies, in partnership with Peijia Medical, has announced first successful implant of the MonarQ transcatheter tricuspid valve.

The transjugular transcatheter tricuspid valve replacement (TTVR) procedure was performed on 21 November on compassionate grounds in a 75-year-old female suffering from severe torrential tricuspid regurgitation by the heart team at Rigshospitalet University Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dr Quadri again, along with the team from inQB8, to provide an exciting new treatment option to this patient for whom no other alternatives were available,” said Lars Søndergaard. “Due to multiple risk factors and anatomical restrictions, neither traditional tricuspid valve surgery, nor edge-to-edge transcatheter tricuspid repair were options for this patient. Through careful review and consideration within our team, we determined that TTVR with the MonarQ system could offer the potential to alleviate symptoms and provide an improved quality of life for this patient. The valve was implanted successfully with excellent function.”

“I am delighted to be working with Dr Lars Søndergaard and his experienced team at Rigshospitalet on this next chapter of transcatheter valve development. The MonarQ transcatheter tricuspid valve has a unique BioDynamic attachment system that utilises and preserves the heart’s natural motion to secure the implant to the native leaflets, distribute systolic loads, and minimize paravalvular leaks over a wide range of native annulus sizes,” said Arshad Quadri, cardiac surgeon and co-founder, executive chairman, and CMO of inQB8.


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