First implant of ChordArt TMVR system completed


CoreMedic has announced the first successful application of its ChordArt transcatheter technology for mitral valve repair.

The system was used in the treatment of a patient suffering from severe degenerative mitral regurgitation due to mitral leaflet flail, and was successfully treated as part of CoreMedic’s first-in-human trial for percutaneous mitral chordae tendineae replacement with the ChordArt transcatheter mitral valve repair (TMVR) system.

Josef Bogenschütz, CEO of CoreMedic GmbH, stated: “We are thrilled to achieve this historic milestone with our revolutionary ChordArt TMVR system, a novel approach for percutaneous mitral valve repair. Thank you to all who played a crucial role in making this success true. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our exceptional team, and we are deeply appreciative of their contributions.

“Our cutting-edge solution enables us to position ourselves as leaders in the field of catheter based mitral valve repair. We are committed to redefining the gold standard, thereby setting new benchmarks for excellence in the future”.

The ChordArt device is being developed as a catheter-based first-line treatment option for primary mitral regurgitation (PMR). PMR is one of the most common heart valve diseases and a growing medical burden, particularly in aging societies, affecting more than 25 million patients worldwide, CoreMedice said in a press release.

The device is designed to enable safe and effective repair of the mitral valve by replacing damaged mitral valve chords with a physiological approach respecting the natural anatomy. Due to its minimal footprint, the implant keeps the door open for possible future therapy needs.


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