Fantom bioresorbable scaffold implanted for the first time in Italy


Reva Medical announced the first implant of its recently launched Fantom Encore bioresorbable scaffold in Italy. The implant procedure was performed by Antonio Colombo at the Columbus Clinic Center in Milan, Italy. A press release reports that Fantom Encore is a third-generation coronary bioresorbable scaffold with a market-leading thin strut profile compared to other commercially available, CE-mark scaffolds.

The press release adds that these advantages of Fantom are derived from Reva’s Tyrocore polymer, which is different from the polylactic acid polymer used to construct first-generation bioresorbable scaffold. Fantom Encore’s advanced features including thinner strut profiles have been associated with improved outcomes and ease-of-use, which are critical for broader adoption of bioresorbable scaffold technology.

Colombo states: “The patient I treated today was young, only 53-years-old, and a perfect candidate for bioresorbable scaffolds. During the procedure, I was impressed by Fantom Encore’s ease-of-use owing to its thinner strut profile and strength. Bioresorbable scaffolds are an important therapy to pursue and I think that Fantom Encore has the potential to become a go-to treatment option for many patients.”

Reggie Groves, CEO of Reva Medical, comments: “Fantom Encore is the most advanced bioresorbable scaffold technology that is commercially available today. We are working with Bio Vascular Group as our distribution partner to bring Fantom Encore to physicians and patients in Italy and are actively working to expand geographic access through new partnerships in other regions of Europe and Asia that accept the CE mark.”

Valued at $220 million, the market for interventional cardiology devices in Italy is one of the largest in Europe. Approximately 150,000 percutaneous coronary intervention procedures are performed in the country every year. The partnership with Bio Vascular Group expands REVA’s commercial activities to Italy and builds on sales efforts already underway in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Turkey.


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