CE mark approval for Crown PRT heart valve


Sorin Group has announced that it has been granted CE mark certification for its innovative stented aortic bioprosthesis Crown PRT (Phospholipid Reduction Treatment), now commercially available in Europe.

In the treatment of aortic valve disease, the replacement of the native aortic valve with a stented bioprosthesis represents a standard technique to provide older patients with a performing and durable solution, while relieving them from the discomfort of lifelong oral anticoagulation therapy.


Built upon Sorin’s 45 years of experience in heart valve design and commitment to continuous innovation, Crown PRT is the latest advancement in stented aortic bioprosthesis technology, featuring surgeon-friendly design, PRT technology, state-of-the-art haemodynamic and durability performance.


Crown PRT enables intuitive intraoperative handling through short rinse time, enhanced ease of implant through visible markers, as well as improved radiographic visualisation through dedicated X-ray markers.


Research has demonstrated that phospholipids play a key role in the calcification process of bioprotheses and Sorin’s patented Phospholipid Reduction Treatment (PRT) has been shown to decrease phospholipid content in pericardial tissue thus leading to a remarkable reduction of calcium uptake compared to control.


“We are eagerly looking forward to implanting Crown PRT, as this valve incorporates all the latest technological advancements in a modern bioprosthesis, enabling cardiac surgery procedures that are simple, reliable and reproducible,” says Alain Leguerrier, chief of the Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery Department, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Rennes, France. “Crown PRT meets all the conditions for a remarkable haemodynamic performance and an optimised durability.”


“Crown PRT promises to further advance our presence in tissue valve segments in Europe and globally. This new innovation for heart valve replacement is strategically designed to provide physicians with greater surgical versatility as well as outstanding durability, reinforcing Sorin’s brand promise to deliver industry-leading technologies in cardiac surgery,” says Michel Darnaud, president, Cardiac Surgery Business Unit, Sorin Group.