Cardionovum to launch two drug-eluting balloon dilatation catheter product families at EuroPCR 2012


Cardionovum has announced that it will launch two drug-eluting balloon (DEB) dilatation catheter product families at EuroPCR 2012 congress (Paris, France, 15–18 May): Paclitaxel-coated drug-eluting balloons for coronary (Primus) and peripheral (Legflow) applications. 

“We have developed an entirely new paradigm for selectively supplying only the drug to an arterial lesion site,” said Michael Orlowski,CEO of Cardionovum. “Once an interventionalist has finished the dilatation and has withdrawn the balloon, virtually all of our drug-carrier-substance remains on the balloon itself.”

With the proprietary Cardionovum gradient balloon coating technology, nanocrystalline Paclitaxel is embedded only under the surface of the top layer of a newly formulated shellolic acid drug-release-matrix(1). Efficient drug release, reproducibility and clinically superior drug in-tissue availability have been conclusively demonstrated in GLP preclinical trials.

Preclinical testing was performed at CV Path Institute (Gaithersburg, USA) and validated that Cardionovum’s DEB coating does not cause any noticeable micro-emboli, which classifies Cardionovum’s DEBs to be as safe as any uncoated angioplasty balloon catheter relative to potential micro-embolies. Both safety features, integrity of the drug coating composition and non-occurrence of micro-emboli, increase the safety profile for operators and patients and fulfill safety requirements of regulatory authorities. 

1.Shellolic acid is FDA-cleared under category ‘E 904’ as a food additive. It is a natural resin, which is often applied in the pharmaceutical industry for film-coating of pills for control of pill dissolution.