CardioCel use improves management of critically ill neonates


Tomasz Mroczek (Kraków, Poland) talks to Cardiovascular News at ECHSA 2019 (European Congenital Heart Surgeons Association, 20 – 22 June, Sofia, Bulgaria) – where the management of critically ill infants was a hot topic – about using CardioCel (Admedus) in critically ill infants where other types of material are “not suitable for this type of surgery”.

Mroczek says that CardioCel, which he notes is both durable and handles well, can be used to create curvature or implantation in very fragile regions and makes such complex procedures “much easier to perform”.

In regards to critically ill infants, due to the time-consuming nature of the surgery and the need for high precision, using a bioscaffold that is “very easily implantable” is vital in providing “good long-term outcomes”, he says.

Mroczek also looks at how CardioCel impacts patient management. He comments that he is always thinking about the different materials he can use during surgery, adding that “the CardioCel bioscaffold is one of my first choices, especially in complex cardiac surgery”.

This video is sponsored by Admedus.


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