BDC Laboratories, Blockwise Engineering to collaborate on stent and transcatheter heart valve testing


BDC Laboratories announced the acquisition of Blockwise Engineering radial compression stations (Iris Clamp technology) to perform stent radial strength and stiffness testing services. This new technology will continue to expand BDC’s functional GLP testing capabilities of stents, stent grafts, and transcatheter heart valve devices.

Blockwise Engineering segmented test stations uniformly radially load a cylindrical object such as a stent or transcatheter heart valve frame with minimal friction to facilitate an accurate measure of the test articles radial resistive force. Stent, stent graft, and transcatheter heart valve frame radial strength and stiffness testing provides the ability to evaluate the critical device characteristics that define the interaction of the technology with the endovascular wall after deployment. Heart valve and endovascular stent device testing guidelines are outlined in greater detail in the ISO 5480 and ISO 25539 guidance documents, respectively.

Craig Weinberg, one of the principals of BDC Laboratories, said, “Blockwise Engineering’s superior radial compression mechanisms will enhance BDC’s endovascular testing capabilities and expand our GLP functional device testing services to the medical device industry. Our stent and heart valve test equipment, coupled with Blockwise’s Iris Clamp technology allows BDC to continue to offer a comprehensive testing facility for stent, stent graft, and TAVI implants.”