Abbott’s Amplatzer Talisman PFO occlusion system launched in Europe


Abbott has announced the European launch of its Amplatzer Talisman patent foramen ovale (PFO) occlusion system.

The new Talisman PFO occluders come pre-attached to the delivery cable, designed to reduce preparation time for doctors and making the system easier to use.

“Guidelines from industry organisations and clinical trial data continue to reinforce the benefits of PFO closure for people who have had a PFO-associated stroke,” said Matthew Daniels (The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK), who completed the first European procedure with the Talisman system. “We are excited that physicians around Europe now have access to the Talisman device to help reduce patients’ risk and worry of experiencing another stroke.”

The Amplatzer Talisman system builds off the company’s industry-leading Amplatzer PFO Occluder. While physicians had to attach the Amplatzer PFO Occluder to the delivery cable before performing the implant procedure, the Talisman occluder now comes pre-assembled to the Amplatzer Trevisio delivery cable, reducing prep time ahead of the procedure and making it easier to use. The Talisman system accommodates a wide range of patient anatomies and an updated 30mm occluder size optimizes how it fits in the heart. The Talisman device is fully recapturable and repositionable so doctors can easily make adjustments for accurate placement.


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