Admedus expands Cardiocel market and anticipates record sales quarter


Admedus’ CardioCel has entered the market in Hong Kong. Entry into Hong Kong continues the expansion of CardioCel into Asian markets, as part of Admedus’ global product launch strategy.

The company says that it has already received initial orders for CardioCel, a bio-scaffold used to repair congenital heart deformities and complex heart defects including repairing heart valves.  “The initial sales in Hong Kong are important as these countries represent significant cardiovascular markets in the Asian region,” said Admedus chief executive officer Lee Rodne. “Expansion in this region is part of our global strategy for CardioCel.”

Admedus also announced that sales for CardioCel have continued to grow, with new initial centres in France and Italy being added to the existing European centres already using the product.

Admedus also announced that it is on track for the strongest quarter of CardioCel sales, building on the foundation of key, global centre use that has been established over the past year.

Rodne added, “We continue to focus on building the market for CardioCel. The advantage of the tissue over other options available to surgeons and cardiologists gives patients clear benefits and we are seeing this manifest into product use.”

CardioCel is now being used by 28 European centres and a further 28 centres in the USA, and in over 60 centers globally. Over 1,200 patients have been treated using CardioCel as part of their cardiovascular repair surgery.