ACC to offer transcatheter valve certification to help hospitals implement best practices


Beginning in mid-2019, hospitals performing transcatheter valve repair and replacement will be able to apply for the American College of Cardiology’s (ACC) new Transcatheter Valve Certification. The certification was announced at the ACC Quality Summit in New Orleans.

A press release reports that the ACC’s Transcatheter Valve Certification is an external review and certification process that will assist hospitals in meeting standards for multidisciplinary teams, formalised training, shared decision-making and registry performance. Participation in established national clinical databases, such as the STS/ACC TVT Registry, is required for hospitals interested in achieving Transcatheter Valve Certification.

The certification uses established national clinical measures data to support clinical decisions and links process improvement to patient outcomes, ensuring that this certification is responsive to the resourcing at hospitals focused and committed to performance improvement in patient care delivery and coordination post-procedure. By connecting the data to opportunities for improvement, Transcatheter Valve Certification promotes consistent processes across the care continuum and better patient outcomes.

Phillip D Levy, chair of the ACC Accreditation Management Board, comments: “ACC’s Transcatheter Valve Certification tool merges the latest science and process improvement methodologies. This certification incorporates recent guidelines and expert consensus statements regarding the care of patients requiring transcatheter valve therapies.”

Hospitals that achieve Transcatheter Valve Certification will learn best practices for implementing evidence-based medicine to support decision-making in the care of individual patients and be able to track key performance metrics to better identify opportunities for improvement.

To learn more about Transcatheter Valve Certification and other accreditations available through ACC Accreditation Services, please visit


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