Proximo Medical to partner with CeloNova Biosciences

Cobra PFZ

Proximo Medical is to partner with CeloNova Biosciences, supplier of the COBRA PzF nanocoated coronary stent (NCS), in select US markets.

Carl St Bernard, chief executive officer of CeloNova Biosciences, states in the press release: “By partnering with Proximo Medical, CeloNova can leverage their tremendous expertise, experience, and scale to accelerate the overall market impact of breakthrough technologies like the COBRA PzF nanocoated coronary stent.”

Brett Martin, chief executive officer of Proximo Medical says in the statement: “We are pleased to be partnering with CeloNova, a company that is revolutionising medicine and rethinking the bounds of improved patient care.” 

Proximo Medical is a fractional commercial organisation for start-up medical device technologies and established medical device companies looking to expand adoption in the USA. CeloNova Biosciences is a global medical device company that offers products based upon its proprietary Polyzene™-F NanoCoating technology.

According to the press release, COBRA PzF NCS allows physicians to safely and effectively treat patients who may benefit from short, one-month dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT). The statement says that in the PzF SHIELD IDE trial, COBRA PzF NCS with one-month DAPT demonstrated 0% stent thrombosis, 4.6% total lesion revascularisation at nine month follow up, and that low target lesion revascularisation (TLR) and low stent thrombosis (ST) with short DAPT is consistently demonstrated across CeloNova’s comprehensive clinical trial programme.


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