Caption Health and Ultromics partner to increase availability of heart disease detection and management tools 


Caption Health and Ultromics have announced a strategic partnership to accelerate cardiovascular disease detection and treatment for more patients in more accessible care settings. Together, the companies will jointly offer the Caption AI software platform alongside Ultromics’ EchoGo deep ultrasound analytics.

Caption Guidance, received breakthrough device designation from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is the leading AI acquisition and guidance software for cardiac ultrasound. Ultromics’ EchoGo has dramatically eased the burden on experts through delivering automated analysis of left ventricular volumes, ejection fraction, cardiac strain, and diagnostic support of heart failure and coronary artery disease saving significant time for users and improving outcomes by reducing variability between operators and equipment.

By linking these platforms, images acquired using Caption AI can be analysed through Ultromics’ EchoGo platform, making advanced diagnostic capabilities that had been limited to experts in specialty care settings and expanding their access to more doctors and patients in more places, the companies said in a press release. In the new year, these integrated capabilities are expected to be available on the Butterfly iQ+ platform, as part of Butterfly Network and Caption Health’s strategic partnership.

“More efficiently delivered and robust patient care is a necessity for the healthcare system to really improve. This means empowering the entire care team and making diagnostics a key part of care that’s more accessible to patients,” said Steve Cashman, (president and CEO of Caption Health). “With the combination of Ultromics’ enhanced analysis and Caption AI, providers will be able to capture images earlier and get more out of those images, maximising benefits for patients. Together, we will help drive the move to earlier detection and diagnosis of cardiac disease in patients—enabling management alongside more cost-efficient and timely care.”

“EchoGo is already delivering to experts an expansive set of fully automated, advanced clinical analysis and diagnostic support modules,” said Ross Upton (founder and CEO of Ultromics). “This joint agreement will carry our platform beyond the walls of the imaging lab, allowing new providers with less experience the ability to perform diagnostic ultrasounds and gain advanced measurements of cardiac function and diagnostic support, for earlier and more accessible detection of cardiovascular disease.”


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