Abiomed initiates online education platform for PCI

Members of CAMP PCI’s faculty take questions from physician participants during the first virtual training on 5 June 2020, broadcast live from Abiomed’s Heart Recovery Institute

Abiomed has launched a virtual physician education programme, CAMP PCI (Coronary artery and myocardial protected percutaneous coronary intervention), to improve high-risk PCI patient outcomes. A press release from the company outlines that the digital education platform was developed to respond to the need for advanced online and interactive training and education to better treat patients with coronary artery disease and heart failure by utilising best practices, techniques and technologies to enable safer, more effective and complete revascularisation.

The company statement says that CAMP PCI leverages contemporary and advanced digital content, such as live virtual observerships and proctorships from world-renowned interventional cardiologists, and educational modules designed for all levels of clinical expertise. The broad-based and advanced curriculum covers topics such as access and closure technology optimisation, advanced imaging, therapeutic best practices for coronary artery disease (CAD), and the importance of Impella haemodynamic support in appropriately selected high-risk patients to achieve safe and complete revascularisation.

Seth Bilazarian, vice president, medical education and training at Abiomed, and the physician leader of CAMP PCI, states in the press release: “As educational courses and meetings for PCI and complete revascularisation become increasingly limited, the need for advanced online and interactive training and education has grown. CAMP PCI was developed to respond to this need to treat patients with coronary artery disease and heart failure, and to address the need for continuous improvement in contemporary PCI techniques and tools. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for digital and on-demand medical education.”

Abiomed has indicated that resources will be updated regularly on the password protected website, available at CAMPPCI.org, featuring a rapidly expanding library for case-based learning.


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