Ultromics receives FDA clearance for EchoGo Pro

Ultromics’ EchoGo Pro

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the use of EchoGo Pro an aritificial intelligence (AI) tool designed to improve diagnostic accuracy for coronary artery disease (CAD).

The EchoGo suite is a cloud-based service that uses AI to fully automate the pathway to diagnosis, Ultromics said in a press release, “providing near-instant reports for clinicians without any need for physical software on site”.

Ultromics will offer EchoGo Pro as a Stress-Echo module in the EchoGo suite alongside EchoGo Core, its AI solution for automated Systolic function and Strain analysis.

Ross Upton, founder and CEO of Ultromics, said: “Coronary artery disease is a huge global burden, affecting tens of millions of peoples’ lives worldwide. Heart disease is the biggest killer globally and this number is increasing daily. Our goal is to help doctors detect CAD more accurately, improving patient outcomes and saving lives.”

“COVID-19 has placed an even greater pressure on cardiac care and looks likely to have lasting implications in terms of its impact on the heart,” explained Upton. “The healthcare industry needs to quickly pivot towards AI powered automation to reduce the time to diagnosis and improve patient care. To help support this shift and save countless lives we are making the EchoGo suite as complete and automated as possible to help clinicians rapidly assess disease and provide early, appropriate intervention. FDA approval for EchoGo Pro is the next step on our innovation journey to transform echocardiography and impact patients’ lives.”


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