Transcatheter Technologies wins ‘Best Business Pitch’ award at “German Venture Day” for its prosthetic aortic heart valve, Trinity


Transcatheter Technologies, a medical device company that is developing a third-generation transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) system—Trinity—announced that its chief executive officer, Wolfgang Goetz, was awarded top prize for “best business pitch” in the 4th annual “German Venture Day” organised by Private Equity Forum NRW.

Transcatheter Technologies recently announced the successful 30-day follow-up results of a pilot study of its Trinity TAVI system that is designed to be the world’s first ‘truly repositionable’ and, therefore, best TAVI system, a press release states.


“Unlike second-generation TAVI systems on the market today, the Trinity aortic valve is designed to be positioned precisely or even repositioned, even after full implantation, in a safe and simple manner,” says principal investigator Christian Hengstenberg, a cardiologist at the German Heart Center, Munich, Germany, with no financial interest or arrangement or affiliation with Transcatheter Technologies. “In our study, Trinity’s novel sealing cuff continues to provide outstanding follow-up results without paravalvular leak, an all-too-frequent complication of TAVI. Equally important, the Trinity aortic valve is designed to reduce the risk of atrio-ventricular block significantly through supra-annular positioning of the Trinity valve.”


“Winning this competition enables us to get on the radar screen of investors who may not know us yet,” says chief executive officer, Wolfgang Goetz, a cardiac surgeon by training. “The big issue with currently marketed second-generation TAVI systems is that they cannot be truly repositioned once fully implanted. Trinity, however, is designed to solve this critically important issue and thereby potentially reduce the undesirable side consequences of paravalvular leak.”


“With TRINITY, once our valve is completely expanded and anchored above the annulus, a cardiologist can fully evaluate the valve’s function to determine whether it needs to be repositioned, retrieved, or kept in the same position. This feature and its supra-annular anchoring are absolutely unique to TRINITY, which is why we have positioned TRINITY as a Third-Generation TAVI System,” Goetz adds.

Trinity is not approved for use in the United States.