Toshiba’s Infinix 4DCT receives FDA clearance with Aquilion PRIME CT configuration


Expanding the integration between interventional labs and computed tomography (CT) technology, Toshiba America Medical Systems’ Infinix 4DCT has received FDA clearance with the Aquilion PRIME CT system configuration.

This combination of interventional labs and CT technology provides features and tools for clinicians to optimise their time and improve the patient experience. The Infinix 4DCT previously received FDA clearance with the Infinix Elite cardiovascular X-ray system and Aquilion ONE ViSION Edition CT system configuration.

Toshiba’s Infinix 4DCT is an “all-in-one” interventional lab and CT solution to deliver real-time CT images during procedures instead of CT-like images. The system significantly improves workflow with its SUREGuidance technology, which allows for automatic transition between modalities. In addition, it is capable of saving time by allowing clinicians to perform CT and interventional procedures within the same room and verify treatment success following procedures.

Clinically, the Infinix 4DCT maximises workflow of oncology and cardiac procedures, as it provides interventionalists with CT images for the target anatomy. Clinicians can therefore adjust the procedure with real-time CT studies, instead of relying on CT images taken at an earlier time.

“The Infinix 4DCT allows clinicians to plan, treat and verify in a single clinical setting, which negates the need to transfer patients between departments, resulting in anticipated decreases of both procedure time and risk of infection,” said Bill Newsom, director, X-ray Vascular Business Unit, Toshiba. “This also contributes to improved patient safety and satisfaction by minimising the clinicians’ time spent away from patients, allowing them to focus on providing quality care.”

Toshiba showcased the Infinix 4DCT with the Aquilion PRIME CT at the American College of Cardiology annual meeting (14–16 March, San Diego, USA).