Toshiba partners with Unfors Raysafe for safer X-ray procedures


To improve clinical staff safety during interventional procedures and help monitor radiation dose, Toshiba Medical Systems Europe has partnered with Unfors RaySafe AB  to offer a new dose monitoring and management tool for Infinix-i cardiovascular X-ray systems.

Toshiba integrated RaySafe i2, a real-time dose monitoring solution that Unfors RaySafe has developed to allow medical staff to reduce their exposure while in the X-ray room, thus helping to make exams safer.

With RaySafe i2, each staff member is assigned a digital, real-time dosimeter, which is wirelessly connected to an in-room-mounted screen displaying radiation exposure. The RaySafe i2 system not only helps staff view radiation exposure level during procedures, it also archives dose exposure history for future analysis.

“Real-time display and analysis of individual staff radiation dose is critical to maintaining a safe work environment,” says Bart Leclou, vice president, Personal Dosimetry, Unfors RaySafe. “Our partnership with Toshiba will provide their customers with an easy-to-use integrated dose monitoring tool to help clinical staff instantaneously reduce unnecessary radiation exposure.”

“Clinical staff safety is a top priority for Toshiba, and making the RaySafe i2 technology available on Infinix-i systems further expands our comprehensive set of dose management tools,” says René Degros, Business Unit Manager X-Ray at Toshiba Medical Systems Europe. “With increasingly complex interventional procedures, the ability to accurately monitor radiation exposure in real time will enable hospitals to identify protocols and educate clinical staff members on ways to make procedures safer.”