System for preparation of autologous fibrin sealant/PRF promoted at ESC


Vivostat is the world’s only system for on-site preparation of autologous Fibrin Sealant or Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF). It provides a range of safe, versatile and easy to use products applied in a great number of applications. The fully automated Vivostat system prepares 5-6ml of autologous fibrin sealant from only 120ml of the patient’s own blood in just 23 minutes.

The system comprises of three components: a processor unit for the preparation of fibrin sealant or PRF, an applicator unit to control the delivery of fibrin sealant/PRF and a disposable kit comprising all components required to collect blood and apply the sealant to the surgical site. The manufacturer states that comparative tests have shown Vivostat Fibrin Sealant to be extremely flexible, almost four times as flexible as conventional products while maintaining sufficient strength. Vivostat promoted the system at the ESC meeting, in Lisbon.