SynCardia’s Total Artificial Heart presented at TechConnect World Summit


Marvin J Slepian, professor of cardiology and biomedical engineering, University of Arizona and co-founder and chairman of SynCardia Systems, presented SynCardia’s Temporary Total Artificial heart at the TechConnect World Summit (Boston, USA, 13-16 June 2011).

During the symposium on MEMS (Microelectronic and micromechanical systems), Slepian discussed the technical and clinical status of the world’s only FDA, Health Canada and CE approved total artificial heart. In addition, he also presented the new Freedom driver, the first US portable driver designed to power SynCardia’s total artificial heart both inside and outside the hospital.

Weighing 13.5 pounds, this wearable driver is designed to allow stable patients to be discharged from the hospital to wait at home for a matching donor heart for transplant. The Freedom driver is CE approved for use in Europe and undergoing an FDA-approved Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) clinical study in the USA.

Slepian also discussed the potential of add-on technologies, including collaborative studies between his lab at the University of Arizona and John Rogers regarding stretchable electronics, MEMS and their application to devices such as the Total Artificial Heart. Rogers was recently awarded the distinguished Lemelson-MIT prize, for technological advances and innovations that improve our world.

Slepian is director of Interventional Cardiology and director of the Tissue Engineering Lab at the University of Arizona, USA. He has founded numerous medical device companies and has served as acting CEO and board member of several medical device startups. Additionally, Slepian has conducted extensive research, development and pre-clinical investigation of novel cardiovascular therapeutic methods and devices, and is the holder of more than 25 issued and 41 filed patents.

The TechConnect Summit is one of the largest multi-sector gatherings (nanotech, cleantech, life sciences) of technology IP, technology ventures, industrial partners, and investors in the world. The purpose of the Summit is to bring together the world’s leading technology transfer offices, companies, and investment firms to locate promising technologies and early stage companies from across the globe.

About the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart

Originally used as a permanent replacement heart, the Total Artificial Hearh is currently approved as a bridge to transplant for people dying from end-stage biventricular heart failure. More than 900 implants account for more than 210 patient years of life.

Similar to a heart transplant, SynCardia’s Total Artificial Heart replaces both failing heart ventricles and the four heart valves. It is the only device that eliminates the symptoms and source of end-stage biventricular failure.