Study of CorWave’s LVAD presented at ASAIO annual meeting


CorWave has announced that it has successfully completed the first 90-day preclinical study to evaluate its left ventricular assist device (LVAD) operating synchronously with the native heart without the use of sensors. The results were presented at the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs annual meeting (ASAIO, 12 June, Washington, DC, USA) by Carl Botterbusch, CTO of CorWave.

The results of the 90-day in vivo study were reported during an oral presentation entitled “Design optimization of the CorWave membrane LVAD”. These data confirmed the ability of the CorWave pump to provide chronic circulatory support with exceptional haemocompatibility. Throughout the study, the device provided pulsatile blood flow, synchronised with the native heart, without the use of sensors. This pulsatile operation is intended to reduce the complications associated with current devices which produce constant blood flow, resulting in patients not having a pulse.

Carl Botterbusch, CTO of CorWave, commented: “I am extremely proud of our entire team for their tireless work leading to this demonstration of the unique capabilities of our technology. We now have key data on durability, haemocompatibilty and the robustness of our pulsatility algorithm that will allow us to finalise the design and move into the final series of testing required to begin a clinical study.”

“This conclusive 90-day trial is very good news as it brings us one step closer to the transition to humans. Encouraged by this latest study, step by step we continue our work, driven by the prospect of bringing our innovative solution to heart failure patients,” added Louis de Lillers, CEO of CorWave.


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