St Jude Medical launches EnligHTN Renal Denervation System at EuroPCR


St Jude Medical has announced CE mark approval and launch of its EnligHTN renal denervation system at EuroPCR. Clinical data from the EnligHTN I trial about the safety and efficacy of the company’s renal denervation technology will be presented on Wednesday 16 May.

“In my experience, the EnligHTN renal denervation system has been successful in reducing blood pressure in patients with resistant hypertension,” said Stephen Worthley, the EnligHTN I trial’s primary investigator from Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia. “The multi-electrode renal denervation system provides an efficient and effective alternative treatment for patients with resistant hypertension, and has the possibility to change the way that hypertension is treated.”

Worthley will be presenting data from the prospective, multicentre EnligHTN I (ARSENAL) trial during the session “Novel approaches to renal denervation: Preclinical and first-in-man studies” on 16 May at EuroPCR.

Using the EnligHTN system, an ablation catheter delivers radiofrequency energy to create lesions along the renal sympathetic nerves to decrease systolic blood pressure and therefore reduce the risk of cardiovascular death.

According to a company release, the system is the industry’s first multi-electrode ablation technology for renal denervation. With the unique basket design, each placement of the ablation catheter allows a consistent and predictable pattern of four ablations in 90-second intervals. Compared to single electrode ablations, the multi-electrode EnligHTN system has the potential to improve consistency and procedural reliability, save time as well as result in workflow and cost efficiencies. Additionally, the minimal catheter repositioning may result in a reduction of contrast and fluoroscopic (x-ray) exposure.

The technology includes a guiding catheter, ablation catheter and ablation generator. The generator uses a proprietary, temperature-controlled algorithm to deliver effective therapy.

The company also announced that a session about renal denervation entitled “A practical guide to EnligHTN Renal Denervation: a new approach for the treatment of resistant hypertension”, sponsored by St Jude Medical, will take place on Wednesday, 16 May at 12:00 in Room Maillot. The session will include lectures on a variety of topics, including the role the renal nerves play in hypertension maintenance and how to set up a renal denervation practice as well as a pre-recorded live demonstration.