Sorin launch latest generation of its healing and cooling system


Sorin has announced the global launch of its latest generation of heating and cooling system. The company reports that the FlexTherm—the newest addition to Sorin Heartlink System—is fully integrated with Sorin S5 industry-leading heart-lung machine. The new system is equipped with three water tanks, each with a different temperature setting, allocated to three independent water circuits.

According to a press release, this design enables superior temperature control and maximum flexibility for use in various simultaneous applications. Precise water flow measurement ensures efficacy and increased control in energy transfer when heating and cooling the patient.

“FlexTherm guided disinfection procedure is a huge improvement versus the previous generation 3T heater-cooler system: it is easier and faster for clinicians. It saves operator’s time, reduces hospital costs and resource utilization and, even more important, it minimises the risk of errors and provides reminders on how to conduct disinfection for the safety of our patients,” says Dirk Buchwald, chief of Cardiovascular Perfusion at Bergmannsheil University Hospital in Bochum, Germany, after using FlexTherm for the first time.

“Another significant improvement in FlexTherm is its S5-like user interface. The user interface is similar to the S5 displays; it is therefore intuitive and easy to understand. In addition, FlexTherm is very silent, even when cooling”, says Krzysztof Klak, perfusionist at the Bergmannsheil University Hospital, Bochum, Germany.