Rome hospital to participate in European DuraGraft registry


The European Hospital in Rome has become the first site in Italy to participate in the DuraGraft European Registry clinical trial. The registry will assess the clinical benefits of treatment with DuraGraft—a one-time intraoperative treatment designed to reduce the risk of vascular graft disease and graft failure in patients treated with coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG).

In many cases of CABG, in the time between removal and implantation, the graft is stored in the operating room without nutrients and oxygen supply—potentially increasing the risk of ischemia reperfusion injury and graft failure. DuraGraft is designed to mitigate oxidative stress, support energy needs of the cells during the anaerobic ischaemic period, and support vasomotor function of the graft during storage and prior to implantation.

Luca P Weltert (Department of Cardiac Surgery, European Hospital, Rome, Italy) says: “We are very excited to join the many medical centres already participating in the DuraGraft European Registry and to be the first hospital in Italy to participate in this registry. We look forward to bringing this innovative technology to patients. Each year thousands of patients in Italy are treated with CABG surgery. The DuraGraft solution has been demonstrated to be safe and effective in preserving vascular conduits in the operating room prior to implantation and reducing the risk of graft failure, which is often an important concern for both patients and surgeons.”

Satish Chandran, chief executive officer of Somahlution, says: “We are very encouraged by the significant levels of interest in the DuraGraft European registry as more surgeons recognize the potential benefits of this innovative technology for CABG patients. Initiation of our first site in Italy represents a significant milestone in our efforts to bring DuraGraft to patients worldwide and improve the standard of care of CABG surgery in the years ahead.”


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