Robocath announces completion of first robotic coronary angioplasty with R-One in China


Robocath has announced the successful completion of what it has described as the first coronary angioplasty in China assisted by its R-One robotic platform. The procedure took place at the 301 Hospital in Beijing on 24 November, performed by Yundai Chen.

This robotic assisted procedure is the first intervention within a clinical study carried out by CathBot; a joint venture between Robocath and MedBot (the robot-focused subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation). This clinical study will include over 100 patients, across four centers with a goal to obtain marketing authorisation for the R-One robotic platform in China, via the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA).

Chen said: “Robocath’s robotic platform enables a coronary angioplasty to be carried out safely, whilst being totally protected from radiation, and under more comfortable conditions. It is intuitive and the system is incredibly precise; it’s possible to position stents to the exact millimetre. I am flattered to have been the first person to use this technology in China and to help push forward the progress of robotics in our country.”

He Chao, president of MedBot, said: “This first clinical trial of a robotic PCI with R-One is an important milestone in the surgical robotics field for our company. There is no similar product available in our country. With the clinical development and subsequent launch of R-One, it will fill the field gap in robotic PCI in China and will benefit both doctors and patients.”

Philippe Bencteux, president and founder of Robocath and president of CathBot, outlined: “We have reached a key step in our product development, in accordance with our development plan, in a highly strategic geographical area. China currently carries out more angioplasties than any other country. I’d like to thank the CathBot teams for all their work. Together, with our remote treatment technology, our robot will eventually become a key element in access to patient care within the country.”

Lucien Goffart, Robocath’s CEO, added: “In the interventional cardiology field, the Chinese market currently has the highest growth rate in the world. More than a million procedures per year are performed in the country and the number of catheterization labs has doubled since 2010—now reaching 2,000. This procedure comes only one year after the joint venture setup; it marks a key step in its development. This puts us in a strong position to be awarded marketing authorisation from the NMPA in the near future.”


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