Protégé NC non compliant drug-eluting balloon gets the CE mark


Blue Medical has received the CE mark for Protégé NC, a non compliant drug-eluting balloon. It follows the introduction of Blue Medical’s CE marked drug-eluting balloon Protégé and CoCr Stent on drug-eluting balloon Pioneer in March of this year. 

Non compliant percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) balloons are commonly used to post-dilatate stents and to treat in stent restenosis. With the introduction of drug-eluting balloons medication was added to PTCA balloon treatment. But the need for precise and powerful dilatation remained. “Combining a drug eluting balloon with the characteristics of the proven treatment advantages of a non compliant balloon is a logical next step” said Ronald Horvers, Blue Medical’s CTO and CFO.

“With Protégé NC we succeeded in combining safe and reproducible drug delivery with precise and powerful dilatation in one device. Thus reducing on the one hand procedural costs and post procedural medication requirements and at the same time increasing procedure efficiency, safety and patients comfort. In addition to these advantages the performance, profile and flexibility of a normal workhorse PTCA balloon are maintained, making the device easy to work with,” added Horvers.