Philips launches new cardiac ultrasound solutions with anatomical intelligence


Philips has introduced the EPIQ CVx cardiovascular ultrasound system. Built on the EPIQ ultrasound platform, EPIQ CVx is specifically designed to increase diagnostic confidence and simplify workflow for clinicians—giving them more time to interact with their patients and reducing the need for repeat scans. A press release claims that the initial response to the new system has been positive: 95% of a group of clinicians who were shown the new EPIQ CVx believed it offered improved image quality with sharper and clearer images.

The press release adds that Philips is also introducing the EPIQ CVxi, specifically tailored for use in the interventional lab. EPIQ CVx and EPIQ CVxi are CE marked and have received 510(k) clearance from the US FDA.

John Simpson (Evelina London Children’s Hospital, London, UK), comments: “Analysing foetal and paediatric anatomical structures requires an approach that accounts for the size and complexity of the patient. I’ve used the EPIQ CVx cardiovascular ultrasound system as part of a paediatric or foetal assessment to help make accurate diagnoses with confidence. This includes enhanced imaging of the coronary arteries which is challenging but necessary to plan treatment, particularly in the paediatric setting.”

Specifically designed for use in the cath lab, the EPIQ CVxi with EchonavigatorA.I. is Philips’ third-generation interventional solution to streamline communication between the interventional cardiologist and the echocardiographer during complex interventional exams, improving patient care and enhancing workflow. Combining live ultrasound and X-ray information into one intuitive view, EchoNavigatorA.I. helps interventional cardiologists more clearly oversee procedures along with the location of key anatomical structures. In addition, MultiVue provides more flexibility when using 3D during diagnostic or interventional procedures as the clinician can see multiple and flexible views at once.

David Handler, vice president and general manager of Global Cardiology Ultrasound, says: “Cardiologists face unique and growing challenges in cardiac imaging. Approximately 422 million people around the world suffer from cardiovascular disease, and as pressures on healthcare systems around the world continue to increase, clinicians have more patients to examine in less time. With Philips EPIQ CVx, clinicians can perform fast and consistent exams with enhanced diagnostic information, giving them the confidence to provide exceptional care for all patients, including paediatric patients, whose small hearts can be challenging to image.”


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