OrbusNeich’s new generation coronary balloons showcased at GulfPCR-GIM 2015


OrbusNeich has presented its new generation coronary balloon catheters at GulfPCR-GIM 2015 Cardiovascular Course in Dubai, UAE. A case-in-point session reviewed chronic total occlusion (CTO) techniques with the Sapphire II PRO, and discussed solutions for calcified lesions with complex anatomy where the dual wire Scoreflex balloon can be an alternative to rotablation.

This session was facilitated by Michael Haude, Lukaskrankenhaus, Neuss, Germany, and Ibrahim Al Rashdan, Kuwait Heart Center, Kuwait. Speakers included René van der Schaaf, OLVG, the Netherlands, and Tim Kinnaird, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK.

During the session, two clinical cases were presented and discussed among the attendees. The session highlighted complex cases that are seen in every day practice such as tortuous anatomies, highly calcified lesions, elderly patients and CTOs. Each clinical case presented patient characteristics followed by the clinical challenge and the exploration of therapeutic avenues, taking into account new technologies and how they may determine different treatment strategies. Facilitators helped attendees discuss the relative merits of different strategies to help better understand what methods would lead to the greatest success rates.

 Van der Schaaf emphasised the importance of choosing the correct device, particularly in the case of highly calcified lesions with complex anatomy as in the retrograde CTO approach. He explained that as angioplasty continues to become more challenging, techniques and tools must accommodate increasingly difficult cases.

“The Sapphire II PRO coronary dilatation catheter essentially redefines the standard of balloon angioplasty as it has been specifically engineered to cross the most difficult lesions, which we are experiencing more of in daily practice,” says van der Schaaf. “Its versatility allows tracking through tortuous anatomy, and it is tailored for every lesion size. We are seeing a best-in-class crossability and re-crossability without any compromise in durability and robustness.”

Also showcased at the session was specialty balloon Scoreflex, a focused force dilatation balloon that comes with a dual wire system enabling effective dilatation under lower inflation pressure. 

“With an increasingly elderly population undergoing PCI in modern day practice, calcified coronary disease is more and more frequently encountered, resulting in the need for techniques to counter the challenge posed by calcium during PCI,” says Tim Kinnaird.  “Additionally, operators are increasingly reliant on atherectomy tools such as atherectomy balloons, rotablation and laser. The Scoreflex balloon is the most deliverable of the currently available scoring balloons for treating calcified lesions and is effective in lesion preparation prior to stent delivery. It is also invaluable for the treatment of ostial lesions or for in-stent restenosis as the balloon does not slip, unlike semi-compliant balloons, due to the dual wire technology.”