Opsens performs 1,000th procedure with the OptoWire


Opsens has announced that its Optowire, a Fractional Flow Reserve-measuring guidewire, has been successfully used by cardiologists in 1,000 patients.

During 2015, Opsens has started a pre-commercialisation phase for its Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) products in Japan, Europe, Canada and the USA. This operation has seen the distribution of the OptoMonitor and OptoWire distributed to hospitals and cardiologists recognised for their FFR expertise. The products have also been used in a number of cases broadcasted live.

“The successful use of the OptoWire in 1,000 patients marks an important step towards large-scale commercialisation. We anticipate that the growth will accelerate in the coming quarters now that this stage has been successfully reached,” said Louis Laflamme, president and chief executive officer of Opsens.