One-year TRILUMINATE trial data “a tremendous boost to the field of transcatheter interventions”



Philipp Lurz (Leipzig, Germany) speaks to Cardiovascular News about the TRILUMINATE trial which looked to assess the safety and efficacy of the Triclip device (Abbott) in patients with tricuspid regurgitation.

The one-year data showed that the procedure is “very safe” – with a MACE (major adverse cardiovascular events) rate and overall mortality of 7%  –  and that the early initial reduction in tricuspid regurgitation is “well maintained” out to 12 months. Additionally, it showed “great clinical improvements” with a 40% reduction in the hospitalisation rate and “even an improvement in right ventricular function”, adds Lurz, who says that the results are a “tremendous boost to the field of transcatheter interventions”.

He concludes that randomised data comparing the procedure to medical therapy is “still lacking”, but adds that one such trial, the TRILUMINATE Pivotal trial, is “on its way” and highlights his belief that the results of this trial will “put the whole field on very solid ground”.


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