Omega Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System is implanted for the first time in the UK


Boston Scientific announced the first implant in the UK of the recently CE marked Omega Platinum Chromium Bare-Metal Coronary Stent System. The first implant was performed by Neal Uren, consultant cardiologist, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

This system incorporates a unique platinum chromium (PtCr) alloy designed specifically for coronary stenting and is intended to provide interventional cardiologists a bare-metal stent with improved acute performance in treating patients with coronary artery disease.


“Omega is a highly deliverable stent, with fantastic conformability to the natural shape of the vessel. The platinum chromium alloy also provides excellent strength and radiopacity. In my opinion, these qualities highlight Omega as a definite step-up in the bare metal stent market” said Uren.


The Omega stent is offered in 48 different sizes ranging in diameter from 2.25mm to 4.50mm and lengths of 8mm to 32mm.


“The platinum chromium Promus Element Stent has been well received by UK interventional cardiologists since its launch in November 2009, and we are pleased to offer a bare-metal coronary stent built on the same PtCr platform,” said Tim Coutts, general manager, UK Group, Boston Scientific. “The Omega stent is the latest example of our commitment to continued innovation in coronary stenting. We are confident our platinum chromium technology will strengthen our leadership position in the UK interventional cardiology market.”