New device for acute coronary artery perforation


Biotronik has announced that it has received the CE mark for its PK Papyrus covered coronary stent for the management of acute coronary artery perforation. According to a company press release, the PK Papyrus provides 58% greater flexibility and a 24% reduced crossing profile than Abbott Vascular’s Jostent Graftmaster. 

The press release reports that the PK Papyrus is able to provide greater flexibility than Abbott’s Jostent Graftmaster due to its innovative “electrospun” membrane. It adds that the enhanced “electrospinning” technology allows for a proprietary single-layer covered stent design, rather than the traditional “sandwich technique” used on comparable stents on the market.

Georg Nickenig, University Hospital Bonn, Germany, commented: “In acute situations when there is a vessel perforation, I need a stent that is highly effective and has optimum deliverability. With PK Papyrus, I am confident that, if such a situation arises, I have a stent that is straight-forward to introduce into the artery with a flexibility that means simplified placement.”