Medtronic launches the Resolute Integrity Stent System


Medtronic has announced the international launch of the Resolute Integrity Stent System (RISS) for the treatment of coronary artery disease, a leading cause of death and poor quality of life. 

The CE mark-approved device features a novel drug-eluting coronary stent with the ability of the device to traverse the patient’s vasculature and reach the blockage in the heart artery.

Based on the engineering advance of continuous sinusoid technology (CST), the RISS has been shown in bench testing and in blinded in vivo physician assessment studies to be significantly more deliverable than the current market-leading alternatives.

“Medtronic stents built on continuous sinusoid technology are noticeably more deliverable, giving me greater confidence that I can reach the target lesion, even in patients with especially tortuous anatomy or narrow vessels,” said Dr Neal Uren, consultant cardiologist at Lothian University Hospitals NHS Trust, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, and honorary senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland. “It’s a significant innovation for the clinical practice of interventional cardiology.”

Coupled with the MicroTrac delivery system, CST improves deliverability without compromising other important stent design characteristics like radial strength. It also improves the stent’s conformability; the ability of the stent to conform to the natural shape of the vessel and maintain apposition to the vessel wall after inflation with the balloon catheter.

The RISS is the latest in a line of Medtronic bare-metal and drug-eluting stents addressing the spectrum of clinical need for patients with coronary artery disease. The Resolute Integrity drug-eluting stent (DES) combines CST with two key elements of the original Resolute DES: the cytostatic antiproliferative drug zotarolimus and the highly biocompatible BioLinx polymer.

“The Resolute Integrity Stent System provides superior deliverability and powerful performance for complex daily practice,” said Sean Salmon, vice president and general manager of Medtronic’s coronary and peripheral division. “It offers physicians a compelling new treatment option for patients with coronary artery disease.”