Medtronic launches Contour 3D Annuloplasty Ring for the treatment of tricuspid valve disease


A new tricuspid ring for the treatment of tricuspid valve disease was launched by Medtronic on 14 March 2011. The device is called Contour 3D Annuloplasty Ring and is designed to restore normal valve function by remodeling the natural valve’s shape and size. This device is approved for use in the US, Europe and several other countries.


“The new Contour 3D ring will offer surgeons the opportunity to choose a three-dimensional remodeling tricuspid ring with a true anatomical profile. This will minimise stress of the valve leaflets and optimise valve performance,” said Rüdiger Lange, director of cardiovascular surgery at The German Heart Centre, Munich, Germany, who collaborated with Medtronic and other physicians Hugo Vanermen, Onze Lieve Vrouwziekenhuis, Aalst, Belgium; and Aubrey Galloway, and Eugene Grossi, NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, USA on this device.


About the Contour 3D Annuloplasty Ring


The Contour 3D Annuloplasty Ring an extension of Medtronic’s remodeling contoured mitral annuloplasty ring (Profile 3D) technology is the only remodeling ring that matches the shape of a healthy tricuspid valve, as determined through computed tomography images from normal tricuspid valves. The Contour 3D Ring also was designed to avoid interference with the heart’s conduction system and to ensure that valve leaflets open and close effectively while preventing regurgitation.


“With the Contour 3D Ring, as well as the recently launched Tri-Ad Adams Tricuspid Ring, Medtronic’s tricuspid valve repair product line is now the most complete portfolio available for cardiac surgeons,” said Shawn Monaghan, vice president of Surgical Based Therapies for the Medtronic Structural Heart business. “This portfolio was made possible in part by our acquisition of ATS Medical, and we look forward to continuing to be a leading provider of future surgical repair solutions that improve clinical outcomes for patients.”