Infinitt North America to show new cardiology PACS solutions at ACC09


Infinitt North America will be launching the Infinitt Cardiology PACS, a complete image management solution for the cardiology enterprise that provides image management software and image acquisition, storage, display and web distribution devices.

Infinitt Cardiology PACS has a user friendly interface, optimised for the cardiology specialists’ workflow. It is web-based with smart clients, supporting Cine CT and providing measurement tools for cath, echo, non-invasive vascular, electrocardiogram, and computed tomography 3D images.

The dual-monitor configuration allows side-by-side comparison of images, viewing of images along with the report, and thumbnail images that can be enlarged to full screen viewing. Reporting functions include a Cardiac Cath Report Template (Coronary Tree), Echo Report Template, Non-Invasive Vascular Report Template, Echo Wall Motion Scoring, and an easy-to-use report customisation tool with electronic signature, eliminating dictation and transcription.

For XML-based ECG, the application will display, measure and print the ECG telemetry. Enhanced 2D/3D/4D processing improves diagnostic quality and productivity. The system is in full compliance with industrial standards (IHE, HL7, DICOM), enabling seamless integration into enterprise imaging solutions.

Infinitt North America (booth 1881) will also be introducing Xelis-Cardiac. Pending FDA approval, Xelis-Cardiac is a software module that can be added to an existing Infinitt PACS, providing cardiologists, vascular surgeons, and other cardiovascular specialists with 2D and 3D viewing of cardiac images and specialised tools for coronary vessel analysis, cardiac functional analysis, calcium scoring and peripheral vessel probe.