HeartIT launches CloudCMR


HeartIT has launched CloudCMR, designed to promote worldwide sharing of de-identified cardiovascular magnetic resonance images for education, research, and quality control purposes. The system offers a centralised location where colleagues can collect cases from multiple geographically or politically separated centres. It also allows users to categorise image and report data suitable for interesting cases, training, or even multi-centre clinical trials.

According to a press release, CloudCMR overcomes many of the barriers previously encountered when attempting to share image and report data with colleagues around the world. By implementing sophisticated de-identification steps to all data prior to being transmitted out of an organization, patient privacy concerns are eliminated. Access to the data is also made easier by having the images and reports hosted in the cloud on redundant, secure servers.

Further, CloudCMR offers a comprehensive search tool, enabling users to develop logical and/or conditional searches on every field in the report database. Results from the search include both report data along with a link to the imaging procedure. All information can be exported to an excel spreadsheet for correlation, additional collaboration or analytics.

Brent Reed, chief technology officer states, “Heart Imaging Technologies has always been focused on promoting CMR research and now offers an advanced, secure sharing platform which both clinicians and researchers can leverage. By integrating the cloud into physicians’ clinical workflow solutions, CloudCMR provides unprecedented levels of accessibility and sharing potential for CMR professionals.”