Gore acquires intellectual property of NMT Medical


Intellectual medical property from NMT includes the data related to CLOSURE I, a trial that may create better clinical understanding of patent foramen ovale in stroke patients.


Gore announced the purchasing of assets and intellectual property of NMT Medical, including the data related to CLOSURE I, a prospective, multicentre, randomised controlled trial of patent foramen ovale closure with the Starflex device (NMT Medical) versus best medical therapy for the prevention of recurrent stroke and / or transient ischaemic attack in patients with cryptogenic stroke / transient ischaemic attack and patent foramen ovale.


“We made the decision to acquire these assets in the spirit of collaboration and in the interest of advancing scientific and medical understanding,” said Stuart Broyles, associate with the Gore Medical Division Stroke Business. The study data were acquired with the rest of the NMT assets, but the transaction did not transfer any liabilities or regulatory obligations of NMT.


The acquisition came after NMT ceased operations earlier this year.