GE Healthcare IT and TomTec work together to enhance cardiology patient care


GE Healthcare IT, a global leader in healthcare information technology, and TomTec Imaging Systems, a proven leader in cardiovascular ultrasound analysis, will work together to deliver enhanced patient care.

Their collaboration, announced at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) in New Orleans, USA, will provide clinicians with advanced tools for review of echocardiography and vascular images, and could enhance the speed and accuracy of diagnosis within the non-invasive cardiovascular clinical space.


“Cardiologists need easy access to information to make clinical decisions, but the complexity of their workflow has made that a real challenge,” said Don Woodlock, vice president and general manager , GE Healthcare IT’s Specialty Solutions business. “The ability to remotely access echocardiography and vascular images is one way to cut through that complexity and deliver improvements in patient care. That is now going to be possible by opening up GE’s offering to TomTec’s analysis tools.”


“By combining forces, TomTec and GE Healthcare will deliver the tools that cardiologists need in multi-vendor labs. Using smart web-deployment mechanisms, our providers get access to a variety of applications in 2D/3D/4D dedicated to clinical routine use such as quantification of function and volumes of the heart, myocardial mechanics (including dyssynchrony, strain and twist, and dynamic assessment of valves) and vascular health. While physicians can increase throughput, patients suffering from heart disease can expect a personalised and profound diagnosis,” said Frank Schlau, chief marketing officer, TomTec Imaging Systems.


The planned solution is currently not available for sale in the USA.