First US implant of Lux-Valve Plus transcatheter tricuspid valve performed in Detroit

Credit: Henry Ford Health

The first transcatheter tricuspid valve replacement procedure in the USA using the LuX-Valve Plus (Jenscare) device for the treatment of symptomatic tricuspid valve disease has been performed by interventional cardiologists at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, USA.

Pedro Villablanca and Brian O’Neill successfully performed the first US procedure for Norma O’Connor, an 80-year-old Detroit-area woman with severe tricuspid regurgitation, when it became evident that no other means would work. Traditional valve replacement was not medically viable for the patient, who was deemed to be a high risk for surgery.

“These are patients with severe tricuspid regurgitation who have no other options available to them in the USA, based on the anatomy of their native valve and medical complexities,” said Villablanca.

“It is incredible to see the new valve functioning immediately upon positioning in the heart, the right side of the heart’s function started improving withing minutes of successful implant,” said Dee Dee Wang an imaging cardiologist at Henry Ford Health.


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