First two implantations of JenaValve transapical TAVI system in Canada successfully completed


JenaValve has announced that the first implantations of its transapical transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) system to take place in Canada were completed successfully. It reports that the procedures also represent the first time that its second-generation transapical TAVI system has been used outside of Europe.

According to a press release, the implantations were performed by John Webb, the director of Interventional Cardiology at St Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, Canada, and Jian Ye, clinical professor of Surgery and director of Cardiac Surgery Research at St Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, Canada. Hendrik Treede, director Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery at the University Heart Center Hamburg, Germany, with his experience in using the JenaValve system, supported both implantations.

Ye said: “The unique JenaValve transapical approach was the preferred TAVI for these patients and we believe the results are very promising. The JenaValve transapical TAVI system provides true anatomical positioning. The low profile of the prosthesis is especially suitable for patients with low lying coronary ostia. With the use of JenaValve’s system, no rapid ventricular pacing is required during the valve implantation, which potentially reduces myocardial stress and ischemia, particularly in a patient with coronary artery disease and severe left ventricle dysfunction.”