First J-Valve TAVI system implanted outside of China


The first implantation outside of China of JC Medical’s J-Valve bioprosthesis using the Ausper transapical delivery device has taken place in Vancouver, Canada.

The J-Valve system is a next-generation transcatheter aortic valve implantation system, which has been previously used in more than 100 patients in China.

The implantation was performed by Jian Ye, clinical professor of surgery and director of cardiac surgery research, and John Webb, director of interventional cardiology at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.

The patient suffered from debilitating heart failure symptoms due to severe aortic regurgitation, and was considered to be at a high risk for open-heart aortic valve replacement surgery due to his condition.

“The J-Valve is a unique valve designed for both aortic regurgitation (non-calcified valves) and aortic stenosis (severe calcification),” Ye says.
“Most TAVI devices are designed for aortic stenosis. Up to date, there are no transcatheter valves approved for the treatment of pure aortic regurgitation in North America. The J-Valve is relatively easier to implant compared with other valves, and provides true anatomical positioning.
Furthermore, no rapid ventricular pacing is required during the entire procedure, which reduces myocardial stress. The clinical trial in China has
showed good early outcomes.”


 “We are very pleased that our J-Valve system could help the patient in Canada,” said Ji Zhang, founder and chief executive officer of JC Medical. “We thank the physician group who has recognized this unique clinical solution.”