First German order for Acarix’ CADScore system

Acarix Cadscorsystem

A private cardiology clinic in Berlin, Germany, headed by Niels Jacobsohn has placed the first order in the important German market for Acarix’ CADScor system for non-invasive, non-radiation acoustic detection of coronary artery disease.

A recently presented study at the American College of Cardiology 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting (ACC; 17­–19 March, Washington, DC, USA) showed that CADScor system rules out CAD with 97% negative predictive value. The German order follows a placement in a key Danish hospital setting.

The CADScor system combines acoustic detection of turbulent arterial flow and myocardial movement with algorithms in a portable device to provide a patient specific CAD score in less than 10 minutes.

Christian Hamm, medical director at Kerckhoff Klinik, Bad Nauheim, Germany, director at Med Klinik I, University Hospital, Giessen, Germany, and past president of the German Society of Cardiology, comments on the release of the CADScor system in the German market, “We have a multitude of diagnostic methods to examine patients with suspected stable angina in the hospital setting, but accurate, easy to use, and non-invasive diagnostic aids for an optimal pre-hospital triage are missing.”

Niels Jacobsohn comments, “In Germany, nearly one million invasive cardiac catheter examinations are performed every year. A large proportion of these investigations lead to no finding. Patients, for whom coronary artery disease can be ruled out without an invasive cardiac catheter examination, should not be exposed to the stress and risk associated with invasive diagnostics. New innovative technologies, such as the Acarix CADScor system, help to avoid invasive procedures in patients without coronary artery disease and additionally to reduce costs.”


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