FEops closes a €1.3m series A financing round to commercialise its TAVIguide service


FEops, has announced the closing of a €1.3m series A financing round, led by Capricorn Venture Partners and PMV. The funding will be used to support the launch of FEops’ first product, TAVIguide, in key markets in Europe and the USA.

TAVIguide is a cloud-based pre-operative planning service for transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). Part of the proceeds will be dedicated to advance clinical development of the technology and diversify the pre-operative planning services offered to include additional cardiovascular interventions.

“FEops’ TAVIguide technology will help cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons improve pre-operative TAVI planning and further enhance the safety and efficacy of TAVI procedures,” states Peter Mortier, chief technology officer of FEops. “While current TAVI planning relies on pre-operative imaging such as echography or computed tomography, accurate measurements of the pre-operative patient anatomy are insufficient to avoid complications. By combining pre-operative computed tomography imaging with advanced computer simulations, our clinical evidence clearly shows that the TAVIguide technology can predict how a certain medical device will interact with a specific patient. Based on these insights, the physician gets a better view on the device-patient interaction, prior to the intervention, thus allowing optimal personalized device selection and risk management.”

Matthieu De Beule, chief executive officer of FEops, concludes: “The current series A financing round enables us to bring this novel technology as a cloud service from the bench to the bedside and paves the way for developing a portfolio of physics-based simulation planning tools for other cardiovascular procedures.

Marc Lambrechts, senior investment manager at Capricorn Venture Partners, is convinced that FEops has developed a future oriented strategy: “With a service such as TAVIguide, complications will be reduced thanks to an improved understanding of the device-patient interaction by the interventional cardiologist. Better understanding and fewer complications will result in a better treatment at a lower overall cost.”

Alexandra Tolia, senior investment manager at PMV, commented: “We are convinced that the patient-centric tools developed by FEops are uniquely positioned to advance cardiovascular practice and our healthcare in general.”