Fastwave Medical issued fourth utility patent for laser-IVL platform


FastWave Medical has announced the issuance of its fourth utility patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its laser-intravascular lithotripsy (IVL) platform.

William Nicholson (Emory Healthcare, Atlanta, USA), one of FastWave Medical’s physician advisors, expressed his excitement about the potential for the company’s laser-IVL system, stating: “FastWave’s novel approach has enormous potential to leapfrog today’s IVL technology with durable, fast, and consistent laser energy. It also enables FastWave’s team of engineers to develop an ultra-sleek balloon catheter, overcoming the challenges of existing IVL options in reaching and crossing diseased vessels.”

Millions of people worldwide have occlusive arterial disease that is further complicated by the presence of calcium, leading to increased morbidity and mortality.

FastWave’s differentiated laser-IVL system aims to address hurdles associated with treating calcified arteries. Through its advanced lithotripsy technology, FastWave aims to solve the gaps with current IVL solutions while improving ease of use and patient safety by reducing procedural complications.

“It’s a very exciting time for FastWave and the field of IVL to further enable physicians to optimise procedural outcomes for their patients,” said co-founder and CEO of FastWave Medical, Scott Nelson. “Our growing IP portfolio is a key asset and catalyst to advance IVL technology with novel energy sources and design elements that can expand its use for more patients. I am excited and proud of the FastWave team for their dedication to power innovation that enhances clinical outcomes.”


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