EXPAND registry outcomes of new MitraClip devices in line with COAPT


Jörg Hausleiter (Munich, Germany) talks to Cardiovascular News about the one-year findings of the EXPAND registry which evaluated the real-world use of two newer-generation MitraClip (Abbott) devices – the NTR and XTR – for the treatment of secondary mitral regurgitation, which he presented as a late-breaking trial session at the PCR Valves e-course (22-24 November, virtual). The EXPAND registry, Hausleiter states, highlights the real-world safety of these new MitraClip devices.

The findings showed that mortality is “very much the same” in EXPAND as seen in the randomised COAPT trial trial (17.7% vs. 19.1%) and that rate of heart failure hospitalisations was also “comparable” (26% vs. 24.9%). Hausleiter notes that there were also no significant differences in symptomatic improvements between the two different clip sizes (NTR and XTR).

The registry also indicated an “interesting finding” in terms of effective regurgitant orifice area (EROA) which found that patients with EROA between 0.2cm2 and 0.3cm2 “will have the same benefit of this procedure as compared to those patients who have a larger EROA”.

Concluding, Hausleiter notes that the comparability between EXPAND and COAPT shows that “we can really transfer the findings of COAPT to the real-world experience in daily life”.


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