Esaote showcases its prevention suite at EuroEcho 2013


Esaote has announced it will demonstrate its prevention suite, a combination of four imaging technologies that enables practical pre-clinical assessment of cardiovascular disease, at the EuroEcho-Imaging conference (11–14 December, Istanbul, Turkey). The suite provides clinicians with a wide range of tools for assessing a patient’s risk of cardiovascular disease quickly and reliably, often before symptoms occur.

According to a press release, the system is regarded a “step change” in terms of early detection and prevention of cardiovascular disease using ultrasound. It reports that the four advanced technologies that make up the suite are CFI, XStrain, RFQIMT and RFQAS, which measure coronary flow quantification, cardiac deformation indexes, carotid intima-media thickness and arterial stiffness, respectively. The vascular measurements are performed using radiofrequency signal analysis which provides high spatial resolution for greater accuracy.

Fausto Rigo, head of Cardiac Diagnostic Imaging Department at Dell’Angelo Hospital, Mestre-Venice (Italy), has used the prevention suite extensively in both inpatient and outpatient examinations. He says: “For clinicians ranging from general practitioners to cardiologists, prevention suite is a unique and technically superb ‘one-stop-shop’ for cardiovascular assessment. It allows us to quickly and reliably make an appraisal of the patient, providing information about the actual biological risk of atherosclerosis.”